Zibo Fangchen Masterbatch Co.,Ltd.,紡絲實驗機新鮮出爐,紡絲實驗機哪家質量好,新型紡絲實驗機紡絲強度高,紡絲實驗機哪家更實惠
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Zibo Fangchen Masterbatch Co.,Ltd.,紡絲實驗機新鮮出爐,紡絲實驗機哪家質量好,新型紡絲實驗機紡絲強度高,紡絲實驗機哪家更實惠

Small spinning test machine
BCF spinning test machine
POY spinning machine
POY / FDY spinning machine
Integrated spinning machine
Spunbond non-woven tester
meltblown nonwoven Tester
Filter performance tester
Small Blowing Machine
DTY tset machine
Two-component test spinning machine
Dust collector
Single-screw extruder
Chemical, plastic masterbatch
Aging, cooling Masterbatch
Masterbatch pressure rise tester
Masterbatch dispersion tester
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The new spinning test machine Inquiry

The new spinning test machine, easy to operate, flexible, material saving, high efficiency. Very suitable for suitable for PP PE PET PA and other materials; Color Masterbatch manufacturers and large-scale production simulation; universities and research institutes to carry out various experiments with university development of new materials.

The new spinning test machine Product details:

The minimum fineness (d): 1.5
Winding speed (m / min): 300-1200
Small spinning test machine with a test material (g): ≤200
A test time (m): 10

The new spinning test machine, you are welcome to call our service hotline: 0533-7082276 / 7084005 advice.

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Zibo FangChen specializes producting masterbatch testing equipment,finded in the year 2003,the products:lab spinning machine,BCF spinning machine,lab bicmponent conjugate spinning machine,lab spinning and non-woven machine,lab non-woven machine,lab melt-blown machine,lab SMS machine, lab filter performance tester,single-screw extruder, DTY test machine,lawn wire drawing test machine,Film blowing test machine,dust collector, grinder and masterbatch etc.Provide scientific research equipment for more than 30 universities,Exported to The U.S.,Indonesia,Vietnam,Mexico,The Republic of South Africa.The Czech Republic,Thailand,Russia,India etc.

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