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600,000 words, 600 pictures! Hundred years history masterpiece
[2017/11/27]   [541]

On November 22, China Textile Industry Federation held a symposium on the planned development of China's textile industry (tentative name) in Beijing. It is reported that the Ministry's book has been included in the "13th Five-Year" national key books, audio-visual, electronic publication planning, has now entered the publication countdown stage. The symposium conducted exchanges and discussions on the compilation and publication of the book, the significance of its publication, and the issues that need attention at present and in the future.

Party Secretary and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Association Gao Yong, President Sun Ruizhe, former President Wang Tianyai, Du Yuzhou, Vice President Xia Min, Deputy Party Secretary Chen Weikang, Vice Chairman Duan Xiaoping, Yang Zhaohua, Sun Huaibin, Expert Advisory Committee Chen Shujin , SAC Textile Retired Cadre Party Secretary Li Zhanhong, led the work of the Ministry of the compilation of the former chief editor of the China Textile News Chen Yi Fang, the former editor of China Textile News Xue Qing Shi, former head of the Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Textile Zhang Guowei, the former Ministry of Textiles Director of Ideological and Political Work Research Office Renxiaoxing, and the various departments of China Textile Federation, heads of various trade associations attended the forum. The meeting chaired by Sun Ruizhe.

600 words and 600 pictures, 1890 to 126 years in 2015, four leading compilers and six veteran comrades including Du Yuzhou and Chen Shujin ... At the beginning of the symposium, Sun Ruizhe used a number of pairs The book is a brief introduction. According to reports, the book has basically completed the preliminary work, into the publication countdown.

As one of the first advocates of the book, Wang Tiankai elaborates on the background, function and significance of his creation. Wang Tiankai pointed out that the publication of this book is at a historic juncture where the state attaches great importance to the transformation of manufacturing industry, real economy and traditional industries and is in a crucial period for the building of a powerful nation in textiles. Understanding the past, but also to the future, he stressed the publication of the book, dissemination and promotion of the development of the industry should pay attention to the problem.

Wang Tiankai said that during the process of compiling this book, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Textile Retired Cadres, China Textile Publishing House, and various professional associations actively engaged in it and provided important support and assistance to the improvement of this book. The book lasted five years, a huge workload, valuable content, is the development of the textile industry's wealth, touching is that the retired years of veteran cadres, senior experts with a high sense of responsibility, with deep industry complex, with a The high degree of concern and enthusiasm for the future of the textile industry, at all costs, go all out to complete this book, reflecting the older generation of textile industry's sense of mission and responsibility to the industry.

Li Zhanhong introduced everyone involved in the compilation of veteran cadres and editing process. She said that with the strong support of all parties involved in the book, the five-year compilation work proceeded smoothly. Veteran cadres and old comrades are the participants and witnesses of the development of the textile industry. They have reviewed the course of development of the textile industry for 126 years with a large amount of written records and recorded the history of struggle, development and expansion of the textile industry. This book embodies the painstaking efforts and sweat of the textile people, embodies the responsibility and dedication of the textile people, and is also a model for the veteran cadres to exert positive energy.

Gao Yong pointed out that this great book has good practical significance for the textile industry. With the socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, it tells the history of the textile industry in the past one hundred years and has a very good guiding significance for the new era of the textile industry. . He pointed out that the textile industry occupies an important position in the national economy. China Textile Alliance will fully support the publication of the work and organize employees and industrial enterprises to study hard and read.

At the symposium, Chen Yi-fang, Zhang Guo-he and Xue Qing-shih, Ren Xiao rhinoceros shared the process of compiling the book and its feelings, and exchanged and discussed the issues to be solved. Chen Shujin, Sun Huaibin on the publication of the book to promote the dissemination and application of comments and suggestions.

Du Yuzhou made a suggestion on the follow-up work of the book in her concluding remarks and emphasized the important role and significance of the book. He pointed out that this great book, which was completed in five years, presented the course of reform and development of the textile industry from the perspective of historical materialism, embodying industry sentiments, political responsibilities and confidence in the future.

During the discussion, the participants said that the heart of feelings, the sense of responsibility and gratitude will become the strength of the next step of work. This landmark book will also be further improved. In the past, China's textile industry will also hold the cause of strengthening the country as it enters the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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