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Manufacturing will be the new highlight of investment in 2018
[2018/1/15]   [553]

Experts said that the future direction of the development of manufacturing industry is mainly smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, national brand manufacturing.

The Central Economic Work Conference put forward requirements on the development of manufacturing industry, pointing out that it is necessary to push forward the manufacturing in China to create a transformation into China, the transformation of China's speed to the quality of China and the transformation of manufacturing powers into manufacturing powers. We will steadily push forward structural reforms on the supply side to promote the sustained and rapid growth of new momentum and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

In an interview with Securities Times reporter, Liu Xiangdong, an associate researcher at the China International Economic Exchange Center, said in a press interview that pushing China's manufacturing towards the high-end is to eliminate ineffective supply, vigorously cultivate new kinetic energy, strengthen technological innovation and foster a group of innovative Of the vanguard enterprises, and actively promote the depth of military and civilian integration and development of institutional transactions to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese-made, truly become China to create.

Xu Guorui, vice president of the State Council for the Future of Science and Technology, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that pushing China to move toward middle and high-end means that the country can mainly exert force in three directions.

First, to deepen the reform and improve the efficiency of resource allocation, including mainly raising the effective supply, promoting scientific and technological innovation and lowering operating costs;

Second, the market dominates and arouses the vitality of various types of entities, including making the state-owned capital bigger and stronger, supporting the development of private-owned enterprises, and increasing the protection of property rights.

Third, we will expand opening up and build an international platform for cooperation in capacity-building, including upgrading export quality and added value and promoting the construction of a free trade zone.

From the business point of view, the future development of the manufacturing industry there are three major trends and characteristics.

First, at the technical level, manufacturing is a technology application carrier. The combination of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing industries such as big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things will drive the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, industrial control systems, industrial robots, smart sensing devices and Technology and other fields ushered in the development boom;

Second, at the financial level, the development of the real economy can not be separated from the support of capital. In the future, the development of manufacturing industry will serve the real economy better through the closer and multi-level capital market that will be combined with government-led funds and industrial investment funds.

On the other hand, from an international perspective, the overseas investment of manufacturing enterprises will be properly regulated and at the same time, the overseas investment in manufacturing enterprises will be properly regulated. On the other hand, Policy support, going out and introduction of quality and added value will continue to increase. Xu Guangrui said.

Liu Xiangdong said that the future direction of the development of manufacturing industry is mainly intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, national brand manufacturing, the key is to enhance production efficiency and effectiveness, with the international influence of advanced manufacturing technology and brand products.

Relevant data show that manufacturing investment accounts for about one-third of the scale of investment in fixed assets. Given the slowdown in infrastructure and real estate investment demand, the impact of manufacturing investment on the overall investment trend next year is of great significance.

An analyst with China Merchants Securities said that manufacturing investment will be a new bright spot in the investment field in 2018 and its core power lies in the capacity gap in the related fields caused by the escalation of consumption demand and the steady growth of export demand.

Structurally, investment growth in upstream industries may still be slow, but manufacturing sectors related to consumer upgrades, technology upgrades and export-oriented sectors will be the major growth drivers for manufacturing investment in the future, with investment growth and investment size in these areas The proportion will continue to rise, thus contributing to the overall manufacturing investment growth stabilized and picked up.

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